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Nutty Scientists Oman is an Omani Company that specializes in providing Edutainment services by focusing on science education for children in fun and entertaining ways. Our company has acquired an exclusive franchise from Nutty Scientists, the world leader in Edutainment sector that complies with the latest international standards known as Next Generation Scientific Standards (NGSS) with innovative interactive methodologies.

Our programs are based on the need to involve the practical and experiential side in understanding the different natural phenomena and responding to the inquiring minds of our kids in a way that inspires them and encourages them to pursue their interest in different categories of science “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), as well as Environmental, Health and Social subjects. This will enable them to gain knowledge and life skills at an early age and learn ways to implement them appropriately and effectively under the able guidance of our highly qualified staff whom we pride ourselves in.

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